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Kamado Black Media Classic 52cm BBQ Smoker - Red

Code: IMP1118

Shop Kamado Black Media Classic 52cm BBQ Smoker - Red from the huge range of Barbecues products at Tadhg O'Connor ltd Co. Limerick. Nationwide next day delivery or free click & collect in-store.

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The most popular model, adapted to prepare food for larger families and groups of friends (up to 10 people). An excellent choice for the patio of a private house, cottage terrace or homestead.

A wonderful model, adapted to prepare food for larger families and groups of friends (up to 10 people). An excellent choice for the patio of a private house, townhouse terrace or homestead. The basic grill set is comprised of: ceramic grill with stand and side trays with hooks, innovative fiberglass gasket seal, two-zone grilling system, two side deflectors, Kazan pot holder, ceramic chicken rack, ash removal tool and protective grill cover. With the basic grill set you will be able to: grill on direct heat (meat on skewers, steaks, burgers, chicken wings and other dishes grilled under 20 min.), grill on indirect heat (chicken, ham, chops and other larger dishes grilled using a deflector), smoke (ribs, cheese, pulled pork). Make soups, pilaf and stews.


  • Grill diameter: 52 cm
  • Cooking grate diameter: 43 cm
  • Weight (with packaging): 94 kg
  • Grill colour: Black

Modern KAMADO barbecue grills are made of various materials such as heat-resistant ceramics and other heat-resistant materials, as well as terracotta – a traditional porous baked ceramic made of natural clay, Portland cement or a mixture of milled lava rock. The surface of barbecue grill can also vary greatly. It can be coated with glossy ceramic glaze, paint, decorative textured plaster or ceramic mosaic. Modern ceramics and fire-resistant materials protect barbecue grills from cracking.

How to light up a BBQ grill
Usually KAMADO barbecue grill is fired with charcoal (although there are gas-fired or electric KAMADO barbecue grills). Wood charcoal does not leave a lot of ash, unlike charcoal briquettes they do not have impurities which can change and distort the taste of the cooked food. Charcoal can be manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner, i. e. using the coppicing technique. Most importantly, food baked using lump charcoal has natural campfire aroma.

Ceramic barbecue grill design allows keeping the heat and reaching temperature up to 400oC. As well, using KAMADO barbecue grills you can adjust air flow and temperature in a most precise manner; KAMADO grills, therefore, are very similar to wood-fired ovens and can be used to roast and bake food in the same manner as you would do in a regular oven. KAMADO barbecue grills are designed not only for meat grilling or smoking, they can be used to bake pizza, cookies, pies and bread.

Kamado Parts
KAMADO barbecue grill has a ceramic frame, inside there is a firebox a ceramic tank for charcoal. The bottom part of the structure has an air vent, through which the air flow enters the firebox. The domed lid of the grill has another adjustable air vent, through which the air flow goes out. The vents are used to regulate the cooking temperature. Barbecue grids are placed over the fire to place the steaks on them. As well, the lid has an opening for placing the thermometer to measure the temperature of grilled food.

Main accessories included: 
  • 2 zone cooking system
  • 2 half-moon heat deflectors
  • Pot holder
  • Ceramic chicken rack
  • Ash tool
  • Rain cover
  • Heavy dutty glass fiber gaskets
  • Kristupas Krivickas Cooking book (EN) and ash catcher.
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