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10 Living Room Design Tips

Friday 7th August 2020

We spend a lot of time in our Living Rooms & we can get tired of the look and feel of this space quite quickly as a result. We have put together 10 helpful tips to create a a room that you love for a long time to come.

1.) Choose colours carefully

While you may be longing for a fresh injection of colour for your Living space, think wisely about your choice. Colours have a big impact on mood so it is important to decide on which mood you would like to set with your new colour scheme. For example, If you want a warm but airy feel, opt for warm greys, 'breige' tones. If you want a super cosy nook, go bold and choose a dark colour like navy or dark green and set the mood with uplighting. For a calming effect, green tones are a good choice. Colour can be easily changed with Interior Paint, Wallpaper and soft furnishings.

2.) Consider Architectural Trim 

Create a more finished look for practicality and aesthetics by installing skirting and architrave, as well as coving. There are so many design choices for these products now that you can easily find trim to match your decor theme, whether it be modern or traditional.

3.) Choose practical yet stylish flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for living areas as it is easy to keep clean, there are a huge range of colours and grades to choose from and it is warmer than tiles. Carpet can also bring a cosy element to the room and feels warm and comfortable underfoot. It really comes down to personal preference but if you are unsure, go with a good quality, neutral coloured option.

4.) Arrange furniture for conversation, not around the TV

The aim is to create an inviting space for family and guests, one that encourages interaction as oppose to suppressing it. Try not to back all furniture and seating against the walls, bring seating into the centre of the room. Additionally, if you have a very large living area, do not be afraid to experiment and split it into two conversational areas as it could work really well.

5.) Add textural interest with window dressings and soft furnishings

Add colourful cushions, throws, curtains or curtain tie backs to inject colour into your Living room. The great thing about this is that you can build up to 2/3 different sets of these items and change them up throughout the year.

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