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Autumn Organisation Edit

Tuesday 6th October 2020

As we approach those wet and windy Winter months, it's important to store tools, garden accessories and other hardware items effectively so that they are in good condition for the coming year and don't get damaged. The key to creating an organised shed, garage or attic, is to make the most of the space that you have. Here are a few tips to improve your home storage set up:

1.) Make use of the walls/ doors where you can. Hang hooks that can hold hand tools and long tools (sweeping brushes, rakes etc.) effectively. This frees up the floor and surfaces, yet allows you to see your essential tools at eye level.

2.) Use a Garden Caddy Bag to organise your garden trowels, forks and other tools, while making them easy to grab for that last minute weeding motivation.

3.) Invest in Shelving and Racking so that you can store items on different levels. Again, this frees up much need space but it also allows you to keep dangerous tools and substances out of the reach of children or pets. Sheds and garages often succumb to damp in the winter months, shelving is a great way to keep precious electrical items away from any floor moisture.

4.) Use clear plastic storage boxes to keep items in tip top condition, while still being instantly visible when you need them. Empty jars are great for storing small items, like screws, nails and bolts!

5.) Outdoor Storage Bunkers are a great solution for storing wellingtons, boots and outdoor cushions. If you're short on space, or need storage right outside your back door, these Weatherproof Boxes are excellent.

6.) Prevent a rodent invasion. Set rat and mice traps to ensure that rodents do not find a new home in your shed or garage, they are property hunting in Autumn/ Winter so it's best to get these set up sooner rather than later! Also, wellies make a lovely little house for a mouse so be sure to store your boots in a storage box to avoid any unwelcome surprises!!

7.) Label containers so that everything has a place and you can see at a glance where all your gardening essentials and tools are. This saves time and keeps things tidy as you are not pulling everything out of boxes to find things.

If you need any help with any of the hardware or garden storage essentials, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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