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Laminate flooring is a great way of updating the look and feel of your home, without spending a fortune! We stock a wide range of laminates in a variety of colours and grades. But first, it's important to decide what you are looking for in a laminate floor. We've complied some top tips for you to consider before you buy.

1.) Choose an appropriate quality and finish for the area you plan to cover. If it is a high traffic area, opt for a higher grade laminate in a more textured matt finish (as this hides dirt and imperfections). Engineered wood flooring is a high quality option, and AC5 laminates/ AC6 laminates are specifically designed for high traffic areas of the home. If it is for a lower traffic area, such as a guest bedroom, it may be better to opt for a lower grade laminate that will suffice and save money.

2.) Choose a colour that suits your space. For example, if your decor scheme is 'Country Cottage', opt for warming oak and walnut laminates, if your home is Contemporary, why not add to the effect with a white or grey laminate?

3.) Consider plank size. Extra long planks are great for lengthening a room but they hide a lot less in terms of the floor underneath them. If you have a level subfloor, work away but if your concrete or timber floors are uneven it is best to consider a standard plank size as they are more forgiving.

4.) Underlay is important. Decide which underlay you need for your space and the flooring you've selected. This will depend on factors such as underfloor heating, budget etc. 

5.) Will you still like it in a year or two? Floors are an investment and you want to choose something that will remain classic and that you won't get sick of. This can be achieved by choosing a classic colour such as oak and opting for a more quirky pattern such as herringbone, or vice versa, opting for a classic plank style in a more modern colour such as grey.
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