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Candy Smart Freestanding Heat Pump dryer - 8KG

Code: CSEH8A2LE-80

Shop Candy Smart Freestanding Heat Pump dryer - 8KG from the huge range of appliances at Tadhg O'Connor Euronics. Nationwide Speedy delivery available.

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429.00 incl. VAT

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  • Heat Pump System
  • Easy iron
  • High door hole
  • EasyCase
  • Kilo detector
  • Wool program
  • NFC technology

Smartness is the way. Candy believes in the importance of enjoying your life, that’s why the new range of dryers is made to dry your garments easily and smartly, simplifying your day. So that you can have more time for you and for what you love most. Let Candy helps you day by day with your laundry task: results will be simply amazing. Green light to comfort and ease of use: no more waste of time, energy, money nor efforts. Exploit the benefits provided by the high door hole: you won’t need to stress your back anymore to load your laundry. Candy Smart dryers are also connected appliances: get benefits from the NFC* connectivity that helps you improving your drying experience, easily and directly from your smartphone.

Receive useful tips to get a perfect laundry and check the status of the drying cycles every time you need! Thanks to the NFC* technology, you can control all the activities of your dryer directly from your smartphone. You can also access to several functions, such as additional cycles for every needs, or smart check up, with just a few clicks on your smartphone. * only compatible with Android smartphones equipped with NFC technology.

Save time and energy
Candy technology permits simultaneous use of the dryer and the washing machine or other appliances, without the risk of overcharging the power. No limits to save time and energy at home.

Iron in half the time thanks to the Super Easy Iron function. A smart sensor detects the right level of moisture and a special alternating drum motion reduce wrinkles and tangles.

The Candy solution guarantees maximum comfort with minimum effort when you dry your laundry: a dryer with a higher door. Say goodbye to backache when you put the laundry in and take it out again thanks to a 3.5 cm higher door than standard models.

Easy Case is an easily removable case in the dryer door. It collects water used in the drying cycle so it can be reused for another purpose, such as ironing or watering the plants. This unique accessory features ergonomic shape and an improved structure to make it easier to handle, remove and carry wherever you want.

Candy cares about the environment and about your pocketbook. You can dry even a small load of laundry, anything from 1 kg up to the maximum load, without wasting energy and with optimal protection for your clothes. Candy has come up with the perfect solution for you: Kilo Detector, a function allowing savings of up to 70% on energy , time and money with special weight sensors that stop the cycle automatically when the desired degree of dryness is reached.

This Candy tumble-dryer knows how to handle all wool garments, with temperature control and special drum movement. This means you needn’t fear damaging your most delicate items. Simply set the wool programme, approved by Woolmark, and the dryer will prevent pilling by limiting friction among garments and carefully controlling temperature.

  • Woolmark Approved: Yes
  • Number of programmes: 15+1
  • Start delay options: Yes (up to 24h)
  • End of cycle indicator: Yes
  • Energy efficiency class: A++
  • Annual Energy Consumption (kWh): 236
  • Condensation efficiency class: B
  • Energy consumption electric dryer, full load: 1.93
  • Energy consumption electric dryer, partial load: 1.08
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