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Weekend DIY: Dream Home Workspace

Tuesday 6th October 2020

Create your Dream Home Workspace in just a few steps:

1.) Choose a wall/ corner in a room that is quiet throughout the day, and ideally has a plug point nearby. If your wall is 50mm insulated plasterboard then it should minimize the noise if you are on calls for a lot of the day. Be careful do you do not damage the plasterboard with the desk. 

2.) Make a feature of your space. This is somewhere that you will be spending a large portion of your day and you will be much more productive if you are excited to work there! Choose a classic interior paint colour that is a contrast to the rest of the room. Paint the wall that your desk sits against in this colour.

3.) Shelving is key for this look and will add so much space for effective organisation (and fabulous styling!) If you can, create 2 x shelves the full length of your desk wall. Floating shelves are more complicated to build but open up the option to build in spotlights, so this may be something you would like to explore if you are more advanced with DIY and woodwork. You will need Timber, MDF or Plywood, Screws, Brackets etc. dependent upon the length and style of your shelves.

4.) Paint the shelves in a lighter shade of the paint that you used on the wall. You can easily achieve this colour by simply adding some white paint to the colour that you painted the wall. It's best to mix a smaller amount in a seperate container, so you still have some of the wall colour for touch ups later on.

5.) If you do not have a desk, you can purchase one, or create a workbench the full length of the wall. It is effectively a 3rd shelf so is a repeat of the previous step. Before you fix it to the wall, sit in your usual working position to figure out a comfortable height for you to work. If you opt for the workbench, paint this as outlined above.

6.) Comfort is key, make sure your office chair is supportive and comfortable, and that your posture is not compromised while sitting at your workspace.

7.)  Spotlights. Adding lighting to your shelving can instantly elevate this look and make it look so much more expensive than it actually is. Research some shelving lights and opt for ones that fit your space (in terms of power supply (installation etc.) If your are opting for shelf lighting, don't hang your shelves until you have the lights as it will be easier to install them before the shelves are fixed to the wall.

8.) Style and Organise! This is the fun part where you get to decorate your space with inspirational quotes, family photos, plants and whatever else you would like! File any paperwork and loose stationery into boxes, get your computer set up, make a cuppa and enjoy your beautiful and functional new workspace...

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