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Refresh Your Child’s Bedroom

Friday 24th May 2019

Between school, homework and activities, your child can often have a jam-packed schedule. It’s important to create a space where they can really relax in their free time. We have compiled some handy tips to consider if you’re planning a revamp of your child’s bedroom.

1.) Choose the Bed Carefully. This is an important element to consider as ideally you want it to last a long time, while fitting well into the space and meeting your child’s needs. If space is a little limited then bunk beds are a great way of fitting multiple beds in the footprint of just one. Also, invest in a good quality mattress for your child’s bedroom so that it will stand the test of time and support them as they grow.

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2.) Introduce a Study Area. Homework and study are a big part of school life. If you do not have a designated office or study, it is easy to set up a little study corner in your child’s room. A desk, an office chair, and a lamp are all they really need. Add a bookcase for extra storage if they have a lot of books and folders.

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3.) Get the Kids Involved. Ask them what colours they would like and let them pick new bed linen or a colourful print to hang on the wall. It will make them feel more included and they will feel more attached to their new room.

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4.) Have Fun with it! Redecorating your child’s room is a great opportunity to spend some time together and have some fun choosing colours, accessories and layout.

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